Lee-Anne's Alternative Health Naturopath Perth and Fremantle

Lee-Anne offers clients an array of alternative therapies, which aim to provide benefits on all levels; physical, mental and emotional.

Lee-Anne's Alternative Health assists clients to find a natural approach to their health that recognises the ability of the body to overcome disease.



“Thanks to Lee-Anne, I have more energy and feel healthier now than I did when I was in my twenties. I am very grateful to her for the help and advice that I have received over the past 18 months for various ailments.

Her professional and supportive approach is so refreshing and Lee-Anne never rushes through my consultations. I always feel motivated to keep up my good health.

I highly recommend Lee-Anne to all my family and friends.”


Before I first started seeing Lee-Anne at Leanne’s Alternative Health I had seen many doctors and had little success using traditional medication for my digestive and hormone issues.

I was lethargic, depressed and had lost a lot of weight.

Lee-Anne put me on the right tack restoring my digestion and hormone imbalance. Lee’s herbs and long term support helped me recover and stay healthy & happy.

I am extremely optimistic for anyone who starts seeing Lee-Anne.


I’m a mother of two beautiful healthy children but my son does suffer from mild anxiety, also had digestive issues which was giving him a lot of sinus infections, which was of concern to me so I took him to Lee-Anne’s Alternative Health.

I have been going to see Lee-Anne since November 2012 and over these last few months I have seen an amazing improvement in my sons health and well being.  Lee-Anne has a caring compassionate nature.  I would recommend her to my friends and family.

Marsha xx


I had been suffering with digestive/bowel problems eg. bloating, pain. cramps, sluggishness food sensitivities for years.  My symptoms kept getting worse.  I resorted to taking OTC medictions, trying one thing after another.  Some helped for a short time to varying degrees.

My condition started to rule my life and I’d had enough.  The day I saw an ad for “Lee-Anne’s Alternative Health in the local paper I made the  phone call and haven’t felt better in years.  It hasn’t been a quick-fix but it’s definitely been a remarkable improvement over time.

Lee-Anne has worked with me on an individual basis and my symptoms have virtually disappeared.  I feel 100% better.  The best part is that I now possess the knowledge as to how I can manage my own condition by diet, exercise and supplements that actually work finally.  No more wasting money on useless products.

I am so glad I made the decision to seek professional and informed help.  Thank-you Lee-Anne, you’ve helped me realise that you don’t have to put  up with a dysfunctional digestive system.  Help is at hand.

Lisa Surace


Since seeing Lee-Anne regularly I have had great positive shifts in my health and wellbeing.  After struggling with shifting weight  through other methods, I had a breakthrough not long after commencing her programme and have been able to keep it off while steadily working at losing more.  Lee-Anne’s friendly and down to earth approach has really assisted me in dealing with anxiety and depression issues which has helped me greatly in my high stress job and also my personal life.  I would recommend Lee-Anne to anyone who wants to have improved vitality and wellbeing.


After being terribly unhappy with conventional medicines and  medical practitioners, I decided to seek alternative medicines.  My first consultation with Lee-Anne was on the 5th July 2011.  I was suffering bloating, wind, diarrhea/constipation and a general unwell feeling all the time and had been for such a long time.  The medical practitioners just kept giving me tablets to “try” including antidepressants (that was the last straw) nothing would alleviate the symptoms.

After consulting with Lee-Anne and undergoing some tests that she conducted, I was given some treatments.  After a few short weeks I noticed an improvement.   I had a set back after contracting “Bali Belly” whilst on holiday.  Lee-Anne’s remedies had me feeling better in not time at all, and my gut was back to behaving itself.

Lee-Anne has also helped with my depression, energy and stress levels, also my general wellbeing, for which I am extremely grateful.

I find Lee-Anne to be professional, caring, with a willingness to listen to you and your opinions.  I have no hesitation in recommending Lee-Anne and her natural therapies for anyone looking for an alternative to conventional medicines, you will not be sorry.


My son had an ongoing problem with constipation.  The doctor had placed him on daily medication but we had no benefit from that and I didn’t like the thought of a young child medicated at such an early age.  It had effected our family in so many ways.  Every day was a challenge and was only getting harder.   It had been two years when I consulted with Lee-Anne.  Eager to try natural therapy with the help of Lee-Anne, we have finally made progress, my son now has regular bowel movement, I have a healthier  little boy who is much happier.  We as a family are able to lead a normal life.  The difference it has made to our family as a whole is incredible.  Thankyou Lee-Anne